TNR Formalwear offers a number of different styles. Shown below are some examples of different lapel styles available at your local TNR store.

NImage 4otch Lapels Styles:


Notch lapels offer an understated, yet contemporary look. A formalwear favorite, the notch features a triangular cutout where the lapel is attached to the collar. This style is commonly found on fine men’s suits.
Image 5Peak Lapels Styles:
Peak lapels highlight the shoulder and chest areas and offer a bolder, tapered and classic look. It features an upward and outward-pointed V-shaped lapel where it meets the collar. The peak style flatters slender and shorter figures.
Image 5Shawl Lapels Styles:


A fashionable and sophisticated look is achieved by wearing this style. This smooth and rounded lapel flatters differing body types, such as short and stocky or tall and husky builds.